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Open source Database Load / Benchmark tool with various db adapters (planning).

Benchmark.Db is open source Db Load / Benchmark tool with various db adapters.

Not ready yet. Developing by "slow motion" technique ;)

Can be used to
  • compare different configurations on same db
  • compare different databases for same configuration

Key features
  • (Almost) same tests for each adapter / db
  • Atomic / bulk insert, update, delete operations
  • Multithread mixed force load test
  • Custom test entities / entity editor
  • Graphical compare test results

  • Single entity test core
  • Custom entities core
  • Unit tests step 1
  • MS SQL (native) adapter
  • MS SQL linq adapter
  • Unit tests step 2
  • Oracle adapter
  • MySql adapter
  • SQLite adapter
  • Raven adapter
  • MongoDb adapter
  • WPF UI


Türkay Kaynak : Benchmark / test core, management
Serkan Erbaşı : Custom entities
Uğur Aldanmaz : Documentation, - SQLite Adapter, Unit Tests, Functional Tests


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